Hot Swap on Texas Instruments 505


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Dennis Patterson

I have been asked this question. Apart from the memory requirements in the hardware setup of the plc... Is it Possible to swap 16 point triac output card with an 8 point relay output card on a TI505 (SIMATIC555) without A) blowing it up, B) stopping the processor? We run a process that takes 6 hours to start up, and don't want to stop the process if it's not neccessary.

hope someone can help!
If you are using TISoft... There is no way to download the new hardware configuration without shutdown PLC. I am not sure about the softshop. Anyway, TI555 is not design for hot swapping.

hope this could help.

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I have sucessfuly changed out cards with out harm to the processor or the back plain before.
Yes, it is not recomended but I have done it.

Aside from the rack misconfiguration, the rest of the program should run unaffected. Obvisoly
the 8 Point Card will not function untill you
reconfigure the I/O.

Setting up the I/O can also be done ONLINE in
bolth Ti-Soft and Softshop.

Hope this Helps