How can I calculate which servomotor do I need?


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Joan Murt


I have to choose the motors that will be used in a machine that we will begin in two moths.

I don't have any idea about formulas and calculations that I have to apply.

Of course, I have the mass, the time, the space to move...

Could anyone help me?

If you want, send me a link to a web page that I can follow, I don't want to annoy anybody with a too much simple question, but I'm novice
and I need help.

Thank you very much for reading my question.
Be happy to help.
eMail what you have along with a general description of what you are trying to do and we will see what we can work out together.
I will be out of my office until friday 15th.

Rich Goldy
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James Ingraham

Most servo manufacturers have servo sizing software. Also, most have tech support or reps who can do the sizing. I recommend Indramat, but just call up any servo manufacturer and ask for help.

Sage Automation, Inc.

Pankaj Joshi

Get hold of the Motion Book v 3.21 from Allen-Bradley. Its a great tool to size and optimise your application.