How can I get a PCB for prototype?


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Jimmy Saldivias

I need to manufacture 10 boards according to a Texas Instruments design TIDA-01575 to Wirelessly Monitor Vibration on Motors but cannot get manufacturers for it. I have more than 6 days contacting PCB manufacturers from USA, Israel, Colombia, Brazil, which I located using, but none seems to be interested or understand the design files by Texas Instruments. Kind of frustrating since I thought it would be quite easy and straigthforward.

Anyone who has walked this road before and can help will be welcomed.

Jimmy Saldivias
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There are many free or inexpensive PCB CAD software packages available, just do a Google search.
Do any of them support the design files?
What format are they in?

There are new on-line PCB companies that will take PCB files, check them and quote a price depending on QTY, complexity and board area.
Within a certain qty and board area for double sided they have a very inexpensive promo price.

You can search YouTube for examples of these services.
From Idea to Schematic to PCB - How to do it easily! - GreatScott! -


More with reviews;

good luck
That's a reference design- quite possibly; it will not drop right into the specifics of your application. assuming it's useable, it appears that TI has provided the gerber files for download. With that and the BOM, about any board fabricator would have what they need to build. I have used Seeed Studio and JLCPCB for prototype boards. Both offer services to fully populate the PCB's as well as fabricate the board.