How can i link the four rig sensors to Matlab ?

Hello everyone i hope you all have a good day , so ,im a pertroleum enginnering student in master degree and im preparing for my thesis . Our project is to creat a smart alerting system to support the choke manipulation in well control process using matlab , we probably based in our program to monitoring data from our sensor pressure transducer ( to measure the drill pipe pressure and casing pressure ) , switch pump strokes counter and pit level . My questions are :
1/ what are the common sensor used to monitorng the data in real time in the oil rig ?
2/ how to connected this sensor in the rig to the pc ( matlab ) what’s the seriel comminication from sensors to Matlab ?
3/ Can we link the choke control panel directly to Pc ( Matlab ) beceause in choke control panel all the sensors are collecting with it ? Or we must using arduino uno ? How can i know if the sensors are compatible for arduino or not ? If they’re not compatible with it so how should i do to make them compatible with each other ?
3/ if we can’t use arduino so what type of PlC recommend in this case ? Howa to link sensor with matlab using PlC ? What is the serial comminication ?
4/if In the oil rig site there’s a Plc and upo server so how can i link them directly to my Pc ( matlab ) ?
Thank u !