How can i read text data from com port and store it as .mdb format in visual Basic 6


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could anyone brothers help me on how to read text from com port and store it in .mdb format in access file using visual basic 6?

Andre Tassone

Of course you can. Use the MSComm control to poll the serial port and read in strings. Then use a database connection to log this data into a table. If you have VB6, you can actually use the MSComm control directly in MS Access. Let me know if you require more info.
I have read your article which u guide step by step. Please guide me as well about Reading the value from the com port coz i am using weighing machine to interact with PC.

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i need to capture the PLC data using the RS232 serial port and connect it to the computer. the data that will be read from the PLC has to be stored in SQL using VB dot net interface.

plz suggest some solution

its very urgent