How can i retrieve data from ODH (OPC)


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We currently have CPM (OPC control performance monitor) OI (operational insight) and ODH (OPC desktop historian). In CPM we are monitoring instruments, but it usually shows via OI as a trend of values. I would like to know if possible we can retrieve the values of the instrument as raw data. i,e, like the values per the update rate in a table in excel or something similar.


Wassim Daoud

Hello there,

Yes, you can retrieve your CPM data as long as you add the CPM items to ODH. You can do that by:
1. Open ODH from the Start Menu
2. Connect to the CPM ProgID.
3. Add the items that you would like to retrieve.

To retrieve this data as Raw data you will need either HDA Explorer (just to view the data) or Excel Reporter (if you would the data to be in an Excel document). Here is a link to HDA Explorer:

and Here is a link to Excel Reporter:

Let me know how it goes for you

Wassim Daoud
Global Soultions Architect

Graham Burnikell

Hi Lalas,

As David says if the values are in the OPC Desktop Historian then they should be easy to retrieve via opc.

Many products could do this so i would advocate finding the right OPC HDA client and reporting tool. Although the most seamless tool should be those from the same vendor has the historian package.