How control valves used with sensors for auto on/off

What kind of control valves can be used with pressure, level sensor, or flow meters to realize auto on/off functions of a system, like a water supply system?
The valve selection is like any valve: depends on application for the material of construction, line pressure, Cv, flow rate needed,

If the sensor is a switch (or has internal functions that can switch a discrete output) that can drive the actuator directly, then a 2 position actuator will work.

If the sensor is a continuous sensor then either an internal that can switch a discrete output or some external device is needed to switch at the correct open and close setpoints to drive the valve actuator.

Lots of valve accessories, like position indicators or position feedback switches, are available too.
I would add that control valves have to have actuators of some sort to open and close them. Pneumatic actuators, or electric actuators or hydraulic actuators, for example. And, the type of actuator can determine what kind of sensor(s) can be used to increase or decrease flow, or shut off flow altogether. I would also suggest that controlling pressure and flow would require a more sophisticated "controller" that can accept multiple inputs (flow sensors; pressure sensors; etc.) and output a signal to make the actuator move the valve to respond to changes in pressure and/or flow. A control valve can sometimes also be a shut-off valve, but often it's not. But, as david_2 mentioned, valves come in all kinds of materials and sizes and that can also affect they types of actuators used or needed. So, it's best to know what the fluid is, and the pipe size and the expected pressures and flow-rates and then start asking a valve supplier what would be recommended for the application. A good manufacturer's representative can ask more questions and make good recommendations. Some even represent multiple manufacturers. Some valve supplier representatives are very, VERY good at what they do and have had a lot of experience in one or more industries so can make some excellent recommendations.