How does a micro plc work


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I am new in this field, want to design home automation either using the plc or EPROMS to contro all the devices from PC. I need the basic knowledge of plcs etc.

Lewis Bodden

That’s a big question.

Basically it’s an electronic box that has inputs, outputs and a program.

The inputs translate the electrical signals that sense the real world. The Program examines the input data and processes the logic you entered to hopefully through the outputs will cause the action desired.

Basically the only difference in the micro and the real PLC’s are the size of memory, types of instructions and cost. One other factor is how they communicate.

There are several books you could get that go into the basics.

My advice is read a little, then get one and play with it. Then read more. Repeat as needed.

There are a number of home automation produces on the market. I have used the X10 system. It works well for most things like lights and appliances.

Tell us more about your project. The first step in design is to start writing down your ideas.

Rocco F. Dominick

You might also decide to use a dedicated Home Automation Control System which may be less expensive, easier to program, and provide more
standard home control features than an industrial PLC. See HAI. I believe their web site is located at "": . Also search "": for "home automation". There is an unlimited amount of free information out there.::

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Brian E Boothe

you dont need to know anything about PLC's to control devices thru a PC
you just use the parallel and serial port to turn things on and off.. and know how to write source code in VB or C++ it's actually very simple
i can provide u with source code to achive your goal....