How long a tantalloy springs in chlorine control valve?


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Mike Xiong

Can anyone please suggest what length of tantalloy (tantalum-tungsten or Ta10W) wire used as regulating springs and checking valve springs in chlorine control valve body?
The length of tantalloy or tantaloy (tantalum-tungsten alloy wire) depends on the diameters and parts in the valve. There are different parts, incl. inlet spring, compression spring, etc. Generally the diameters available from the Chinese manufacturer as the following:

0.025"(¡À0.0010) Diameter = 0.6350MM(¡À0.025) x coil, 0.005 kg/m;
0.032"(¡À0.0010) Diameter = 0.8128MM(¡À0.025) x coil, 0.009 kg/m;
0.033"(¡À0.0010) Diameter = 0.83MM(¡À0.025) x coil, 0.009 kg/m;

0.040"(¡À0.0010) Diameter =1.0000MM(¡À0.025) x coil, 0.013 kg/m;
0.045"(¡À0.0010) Diameter =1.1430MM(¡À0.025) x coil, 0.017 kg/m;
0.046"(¡À0.0010) Diameter =1.1684MM(¡À0.025) x coil, 0.018 kg/m;

0.059"(¡À0.0010) Diameter =1.50MM(¡À0.025) x coil, 0.030 kg/m;
0.060"(¡À0.0015) Diameter =1.524MM(¡À0.0381) x coil, 0.031 kg/m;

0.062"(¡À0.0015) Diameter =1.5700MM(¡À0.0381) x coil, 0.033 kg/m;
0.0625"(¡À0.0015) Diameter=1.5875MM(¡À0.0381) x coil, 0.033 kg/m;
0.063"(¡À0.0015) Diameter = 1.6000MM(¡À0.0381) x coil, 0.034 kg/m;
0.064"(¡À0.0015) Diameter =1.6256MM(¡À0.0381) x coil, 0.035 kg/m;

0.093"(¡À0.0020) Diameter =2.3622MM(¡À0.038) x coil, 0.074 kg/m;

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