how many amps will a 30KW motor takes when it was connected to a 22KW VFD?


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ramesh reddy

i am getting confusion on using a 30 kw motor with a 22 kw VFD. i need to know that how many maximum amps will it take when the motor is running with 2200 Rpm
Current depends on the load on the motor. More load will lead to more current draw. Depending on the exact model drive you're using, it can be damaged if the actual load on the motor exceeds the drive's rating. If you're replacing a properly sized 20kW motor with a 30kW motor, you should be OK.

bob peterson

The motor will draw as much current as is required to drive the load.

The VFD will trip if the motor tries to draw too much current, assuming it is correctly set up. the over current setting must be set to the maximum current the VFD can produce in this case, and not the maximum current the motor can take.


curt wuollet

Steady state?

Almost entirely dependent on load. All other factors being equal it will draw the same as it would on a 30 kw VFD which means it will have to be loaded appropriately to stay within current limits.

Starting may require slower ramps as well.