How non contacting radar distance sensor works?

Hope you guys will reply.

As far as I know, the non-contact radar distance sensor is used for measuring various working conditions. But I have never used a radar distance sensor to measure fuel tank. Based on my previous experience, does this sensor have a different standard for measuring medium and temperature?

You have written and asked about many different types of industrial sensors. The BEST source of that type of information is from manufacturer data sheets, advertisements and websites (manufacturer websites, as well as industrial sales (manufacturers' representatives)).

Another excellent source of information about this type of equipment and these types of devices and their applications are industry trade journals. They were most often free of charge and sent by post (mail) to people working in various industries who were involved in the ordering and specification of such equipment and devices. I believe many of trade journals publishers have switched to digital (electronic) versions which are still accessible for free.

A manufacturer or manufacturer's representative who wants to sell their wares will explain, quite often in some detail, why their product is superior and warrants your consideration in their advertisements in industry trade journals. Manufacturer websites generally have much of the same information readily available for your reading pleasure.

It's not clear what you are trying to learn or understand or why. For lots of basic information there are websites like (though I realize it's not openly available in some parts of the world). I think there's even one called, or something similar. You need to learn to use your preferred World Wide Web search engine and how to dig down into the search results, looking for keywords to use to narrow subsequent searches further, to find what you're looking for. If your preferred World Wide Web search engine is not returning satisfactory results on a regular basis then you need to try other search engines and maybe a search engine aggregator (there are many of you search for them).

But I would suggest identifying manufacturers of the various types of sensors you are interested in and spending time on their websites as well as identifying industry trade journals and subscribing to them to get more information and learn about other vendors and their products and solutions.

Based on the responses you have--and haven't--received in the past to your similar posts it seems your questions are either too vague or, in some cases weren't questions at all but were more like statements in search of more in-depth discussion than questions, and that type of depth doesn't often occur in these types of forums.

My recommendation is to learn to use how to use various filters is search engines, to identify manufacturers and their representatives of the types of sensors and devices you are interested in, and find and subscribe to trade journals related to industries and products you have been asking about. That's how you're going to find the information you seem to be asking for: goodbye old-fashioned personal investigative work. You will likely find more than you were looking for, but that's not too bad, is it?

When I started my career many decades ago many of the senior engineers and designers devoted time to reading industry trade journals they subscribed to in order to "keep up" technology (which was much easier then than it is now!). Today, one can do that using a Web browser instead of paging through printed trade journals and advertisements.

Best of luck! Discovery is an awesome experience--especially when it's self-led! I'm not saying you can't ask for help, but dig in and do a little more than you seem to have dine, or explain your need/application better than you have been. Tell us what you know and ask more specific questions, and I believe you will get more and better replies.