How open is CC-link?


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Jake Thompson

I am starting to figure out an upgrade we need to do in one of our in house systems. It has a very old mitsubishi PLC and I would like to upgrade to the QnA PLC. I need it to talk to several FX2n PLCs and I need the ability to add on to the network later. I would like to use CClink, I have used it in the past and found it to be a wonderfull network to deal with. I thought it was proprietary to mitsubishi but by researching it a little more they claim it to be an open network. My question is how open is it? Has anyone used it to talk to a non-mitsubishi device? Where can I find more information about the openness of CClink?

CC link is semi-open. I used to work for Mitsubishi. Please send me an email if you would like more info.
Could you tell me more about CClink and if it is really open to use freely? The reason for my interest is that I am in the weighing instrumentation market and one of the manufacturer's I represent offers a weighing indicator "":
Supposedly they developed the indicator
targeting Mitsubishi's PLC market and Mitsubishi placed a large order for them in Japan.

I know nothing about CCLink and i am trying to learn if this would be a hot enough market for me to invest several hours developing a web page or two about Cclink at my main web site If you could give me any feedback and directions were I could learn more about CClink it would be greatly appreciated.
CC-link is a growing protocol as Asian manufacuturers continue to invest in the US. As previously metioned there is a CC Link organization. Mitsubishi is currently the only vendor who can run CC-Link as a Master. For distributed I/O there is another vendor supporting this protocol (they also support many other like Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, DeviceNet, etc.). The Company is WAGO Corporation. I find their CC-Link I/O solution to be smaller, more modular, and more cost effective compared to the Mitsu I/O offering. You can also subnetwork to modbus or RS-232/485 using the WAGO solution. Check it out at