How to access a dynamic data and associate with the static data


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We are using an Embedded controller Called MBX which sends or receive message to The Room Devices in an hotel. For eg: if in hotel A there are 10 rooms, each room has a temperature controller, Motion Controller etc. The MBX is connected to all rooms thru a router.

My question is :

When the MBX queries The room devices thru
the router we will get either the IP address or MAC address from the Room devices. now i have a static Table which contains information like the room number, wiring address of room.when i get an IP address of a room for eg:
in my Static Table i have already assigned in
room no : 100 ,then wiring information Like 1:3
the above data represents First floor third Room.
now lets take a device from room 100 sends its data it contains IP address now when i receive this IP address i should identify where it has come from and then update the IP address in the Table Corresponding To its Room Id
and wiring address.

Pleas Help me regarding this and if anybody Can help me int this area i would be grateful.