How to assign addresses using VB?


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Jimmy, Do

Hi, i have a new project in school by build the 1-wire weather station. I am a beginner in VB. I able to communicate using MSComm. How can i assign VB to read and receive each of the sensors? Please i need some example or code.

Ketan P. Bhaid

You didn't mention what type of device you are using to interface with pc. i don't know in what format (protocol) data is coming to comm port. you go through the manuual of the instrument which you are interfacing with computer through MSComm (VB).
I have an oregon scientific "WMR-968 wireless editod. is there any way to build something in vb to read my sensors data like the "WEATHER VIEW 32". if anyone can make something the can read is or tell me how to make it ill be more then happy.