How to configure network card in flexos (coros lsb)?


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How to configure network card in flexos (coros lsb)? How to install driver about network in dos6.22?
I can't help you with FlexOS, but with MS-DOS 6.22 drivers are usually installed by copying the driver file to the boot disk and then editing the MS-DOS "config.sys" file to tell it to use the driver. Sometimes however drivers are loaded via the "autoexec.bat" file.

There is no standard for this. You have to read the documentation for the device in question and enter the correct text in the appropriate configuration file (usually "config.sys" though). If as usual there are multiple things being initialised via config.sys, the order in which these items appears can be important. If something doesn't work, then you try rearranging the lines in the file in a different order. It is usually a matter of trial and error to get it to work.

As for FlexOS, the process is probably somewhat similar. If you can find any documentation on it it should be self explanatory. FlexOS is from the same era as MS-DOS, but it was a lot more capable.
Thanks very much for your answer. Except the network card I really have a problem in flexos. Our server hard disk was failure, and I found that I can't change it with a large hard disk exceeds 8.4G bytes. It hands up when loading flexos with large hard disk. Is there any idea to solve the problem? Or can I change COROS LSB/flexos to COROS LSB/WIN?
The question about large hard drives with FlexOS was dealt with a couple of days ago here:


This involves partitioning the drive, and possibly adjusting the heads and sectors factors in the BIOS to make the larger drive look like a smaller one.

There is no guarantee that this will work by the way. Newer hard drives are addressed in a completely different way than old ones were. However, some BIOSes will emulate the old way for the benefit of old operating systems. However, the partitioning software is free and it won't cost you anything to try.

You will probably need to make sure the drive is an IDE drive and not the SATA drives which are standard today.

I can't help you with questions about "COROS LSB/WIN", as I don't know anything about it.