How to configure TDC3000 to read an OPC tag?


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I am trying to read a tag on a remote OPC server (Bently Nevada System1 machine monitor) into Honeywells's TDC3000 using Honeywell PHD system. How do I configure TDC3000 to do this?

I can read tags from Honeywell into the remote machine but I also need to go from the remote machine into TDC3000. There is an OPC RDI on TDC3000 where there is space to enter a machine and server name but this doesn't work. What (else) should I be doing? Neither vendor knows what to do!

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The OPC RDI is the Honeywell OPC client so you're on the right track.

In terms of OPC setup you have the myriad of things to configure correctly - IP address, host name, DCOM settings, etc.

And to write the tag into the TDC you need to enable put download, and maybe a couple of things at the NIM level.

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If you are using PHD to transfer the data to the LCN side you must build a point on the LCN side to receive and view your data. Once the point is identified on the LCN side configure the PHD point to be able to write the data to the LCN. If I remember it is a checkbox called "put download" in the configurator for the PHD point. This will allow a write to the LCN. Both the PHD and the LCN tag must be the same.