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Hello friends,
I want to connect USB port using VB How can I do that without using USB to RS232 converter? Can any one help me to know how can I connect USB port. I am using the device which uses data transfer at high speeds which cannot be supported using USB to RS 232 so can you please let me know how I can directly connect to the USB port using my GUI.

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Robert Scott

You don't say what USB device you wish to communicate with. The class of that device and the device driver associated with that device will dictate how you can access it in VB.

See the book "USB Complete" by Jan Axelson.

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I m using a Mitshibushi controller which is having USB feature and its belong to communication class. Actually we are developing this device so we have to configure the class in the software in the device side. We are using the driver provided by thesycon for this device

Dr. R. Erlich

VB GUI sample, DLL code and more--

EID, Corp. is an OEM manufacturer (100% made in U.S.A) for many kinds of E-USB boards and kits, such as I/O, ADC, timer, counter, etc. You will be able to control directly from your PC via USB port. Yes, free DLL and other free software...

Write your code, application utilizing our free DLL.

See the following links:

1. Free VB, C++ etc. DLL and demo software E-USB PC-ports kits:

2. Electronic Kit (DIY), I/O and more via E-USB:



I was searching the net for some FAQs on this exact subject so i thought I would jump the band wagon. I am a student and am working on a project at my school that requires me send 4 bit signals to a transmitter. the connection on the transmitter is connected via DB-9 serial, my problem is when I interface with my laptop there is no DB-9 present so i purchased a USB-SERIAL converter. Here is where im lost and i have lost my mind trying to figure this out. I have code written in VB however during the testing phase I wrote the code and tested at my home computer (using the DB-9 serial) and it worked fine. however when i used the adapter (USB) at my school I got all sorts of mscomm port errors. I was told that i had to modify my code to the USB. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

I have a USB to serial that I bought for 78 bucks from radio shack, been using mine for 2 years now, have not found a thing that it has not worked with and I use mine at least once a week.

They still sell it.

Akhtar Hussain

Dear sir,

Kindly give me the vbcode, how to cofigure USB port. I am using Righttag scanner to read & write data into tag using vbapplication.

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MSCOMM must have pin 1 of the DB9 serial point at a high level or it will not initialize. Dumb limitation but a fact to deal with.

I 'm a student and I want to connect USB port using VB or VC++ with a full speed rate. How can I do? Where can I fing dll files... to help me?

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I am testing printer that hook to USB and I am using Visual Studios 2003. Do you have any code that will help me be able to communicate to these printers using VB or VB.Net. These printers are the ones you see in hospitals that make the id bracelets.

hey starride, if ur still giving out that source code could you please send it to my email [email protected]?
...I'm working on a senior design project that requires me to take in data from a USB port.