How to configure USB port in Visual Basic

I dont think you need to change your code, this is a similar problem i had while communicating with a PLC.

The serial converter sets itself up (with the help of the driver) as a standard com port.
So you need to go into control panel/system/ports and check which port it has assigned for the adapter eg com1/com2 etc.then you can set up your mscomm port settint to the correct port value.Beware if you have more than one USB port and you plug your serial adapter into a different one the computer will re assign a new com port number.

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I m working in a manufacturing company. It would be gr8 to have the code in VB 6.0 that configures the USB port. Please send me the code on [email protected] as soon as possible.

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I 'm a student and I want to connect the PPC to other device (such as microcontroller) across USB port. Hence i need some help.

pls kindly send the source code to my email: [email protected]

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If you want to connect your PC to microcontroller through USB port,your microcontroller must have USB port or you have to buy additional IC that convert USB to serial.
For example you can check and search for ft232bm. It is USB to RS232 convertor.

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I would be interested in your visual basic code, if you are still giving it out. My email is andy @ egl-neon. com. Thank you.
I would be interested in your visual basic code, if you are still giving it out. My email is KandM3301 at midsouth. Thank you.
If you have a code for connecting a scanner to VB or, please send it, I will grateful to you.
I'm a Spanish student. I'm investigating about connection USB with VB 6.0. Until now, in my view, the device and the conection type are not specifices (serial, bluetooth...).

If somebody has code for connecting some device with VB 6.0, please send it, I will be grateful to you.
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I'm working on my thesis, and I'm in bad need to the VB6 source code to access the USB port for a custom device (FPGA developed USB device), and also for a printer that I'm having some problems to deal with.
I do appreciate it if you can send me this code.
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Bob (on this thread) had the best advice... If you're converting from USB to serial device (i.e. newer laptop/PC to older device), you must have a USB to serial cable, install the drivers that come with it; reboot your pc; plug in the USB cable (doesn't have to be connected to device on other end); go to Control Panel, "Ports" to confirm it's now enabled in Windows and to see which Comm port it is now - mine was Comm 4. Finally, go to the VB code and edit it to find Comm 4. In my case, the code was originally, "MSComm1.CommPort = 1" I simply had to change it to "MSComm1.CommPort = 4".

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I'm doing the same you did. If you had some news can you forward to me at marchesani.enrico @ libero. it?

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I'm working on a thesis where my microcontroller sends data vis serial, but I have to use USB to connect it up to my computer. I would really appreciate it if someone could send me the code that was discussed above to my email.

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I am working in communicating a Thrustmaster joypad with B to control servos. If anyone could pass me some code, I would be very grateful.

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