How to connect 60hz industrial power to 50hz utility grid


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I am new to the forum. Electrical engineer at big fertilizer manufacturing complex. We have our own power generation facility. Two GE frame 5 Gas Turbines (GE MARK –V Control) approximately 23MW each, 13.8kv, 60hz (American system). Complex total load is around 22 TO 23 MW.

Both Turbines RUNS IN parallel AND SHARE 50 -50 LOAD. As GTs are running under load, only on fifty percent loading hence operating inefficiently. Till now our system is not connected to external grid or utility.

We are planning and working out feasibility to sell our surplus 45% power to utility grid. Assignment is given to me. Now here is my problem and question stared.

We are generating power at 60hz(sixty) and utility grid operating at 50hz(fifty). Is this idea is practical or possible. Following may be clarify or consider in this regards.

1)Any practical example of connecting 60hz power system to 60hz system in world.

2)What could be the possible ways or technical means to synchronized two different system.

3)If rotary frequency convertor are used to connect what practical difficulties you foresee.

4)What type of stability issue may encountered if two system are connected through Frequency convertor (static or rotary).

5)If rotary frequency convertor how synchronization, voltage and reactive power control can be achieved.

6)Do you know any web site. white paper or material on this topic can be found.

I request you share your knowledge and ideas and guide me.


Waqas Shaikh
([email protected])