How to connect Magelis XBTGT6330 to Modbus Plus Network

I want to connect a Magelis XBTGT6330 to a Modbus Plus network. The network is connected to Quantum PLC (140CPU11303) and there are 12 Magelis XBTG220 and 12 CRA21110 DIO are connected to this Modbus Plus network.

So do I need extra hardware (accessories like modules or adapters) to connect the XBTGT6330 to the Modbus Plus network or it can be connected directly to the modbus plus network using the interfaces that available on the XBTGT6330?

Thanks in advance.
Purchase the "plug and play" XBTZGUMP, USB Modbus Plus Communication Adapter from Schneider. Plugs into one of the XBTGT USB ports. Driver support is already in the unit. Comes with mounting bracket.
Thanks Brian C,

Do you know the pinout of the cable that I should use to connect the XBTZGUMP USB Modbus Plus module to the Modbus Plus network knowing that we use 990NAD23000 Tap to connect devices to the network.
USB cable Magelis to MBPlus Adapter. Modbus Plus network is all 3 wire cable. Depending upon distances, you can purchase pre-made cables. With any sort of distance, the cable type, terminations and shielding are very important. Noise and reflections will degrade data quality.

Schneider Premade Trunk cables (490 NAA 2xx xx)and Drop cables (490 NAD 2xx xx) have the same wiring. Differences in part numbers are with length and device connector orientations.

When making your own cables, Belden 9841 was the standard. Schneider started supplying an equivalent (in 1994) when Belden changed the outside diameter of the cable resulting in a poor "fit" with connectors. You can make your own cables using regular DB9 connectors and Belden 9841 cable. Long cable networks require terminations.

Not recommended for dependable industrial applications but works great for testing. Buy a DB9 to DB9 1:1 computer cable and a "gender bender" for one end and away you go. These cables are usually DB9P (Male) to DB9S (Female) and MBPlus connectors on devices are usually DB9S.

Network is RS485 type.

PIN 1 Ground (Shield / Drain)

Never cross wires.

Good luck.
Do you know what driver was used for Vijeo Designer for the Magelis to work with the Anybus-gateway and if so the settings?

Can not get the Anybus Gateway we have working (ABX-EMBS-MBPS) with a Magelis HMI