How To Control LPT via Internet/Intranet ???


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Irfan Fauzy

Dear Sir,

Actually I hace make a simple kits using LPT to control 8 relay as output and 4 input. I used VB6 and vbio.dll to make direct access to LPT, and they are worked.

But I want to control my kit via internet/ net work ...
I have try to used ActiveX control, but it didn't work ...
Would you help me pls ...?

Irfan Fauzy
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Rodney Stevens


You need to have your computer configred as a server. You will need at a minimum code in your program to receive Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
script POSTs. I doubt there will be any simple packages avaiable to do what you want, so you will have to develope the HTML, CGI code yourself. I suggest you search the net for CGI documentation, there is quiet a large resource for this aubject. Most of the code is either PERL scripts or 'C', I have never looked for VB code.

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Try looking into VNC software from Bell Labs. Don't waste your time getting fancy when you can remotely control the PC with the active LPT ports for free. Unless, of course, you have plenty of time on your hands to play with these things.