how to control the speed and step angle of motor with PLC.


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Hi everyone,

I am using the stepper motor, PJJQ176ZB-U, with K179 stepper driver. The motor can run with both DC power supply and PLC. But I dun know how to control the speed and step angle of the motor using PLC. I saw the pins called DIR, GRN and STEP on stepper driver for PC. May I know how can I use those pins with PLC. Is it concerning with programme for controlling those? Please help me .. because I am doing my FYP. I am stuck in that state so I can't continue further. By the way, I am using omron programmable controller training kit for testing now.
You need to use two digital outputs of PLC: one (high speed output) for produce pulses for each step (must be connect to STEP input) and another one (standard) - for changing direction of rotation (must be connect to DIR input). And of course common ground of both outputs must be connect to GND.