How to develop software with FactoryLink 7.0?


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Because of this is my first time using FactoryLink 7.0 to develop
software, I don't know how to develop my software. Can you give
me a brief step of developing software using FactoryLink 7.0?
My system is: PLC is allen-bradley SLC 500/04, a computer with
DH+ board, their communication via DH+ network. So, how can I
set the factorylink communication with PLC?
If you installed FactoryLink in the default directory,
go to "C:\Program Files\USDATA\FactoryLink\Documentation\En\Drivers."
The instructions you need for communication via DH+ are in ab_rapd.pdf.

You will need to read all the other manuals in the directory above that too.

You realize you have choosen an extremely large and complicated HMI product. If you are just talking to one SLC500, why are you using FactoryLink ?

Jay Kirsch
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