How to develop Teach pandent for robotic arm

I am working in the development of 5 DOF robotic arm, The Controller will be consisted of 5 Serad Intelligent Servo Motion control drives, and I am working for HMI development currently, The Teach pandent as kuka uses in its KR C4 controller with its own processor, I want to do that on windows , I want to know which software will be best for this purpose for doing all necessary features which Kuka does
I would use C or C++. You better be good at math. It is one thing to save the positions you 'teach'. It is much harder to do the interpolation between the points at a desired speed.
As it (almost) always, there is no best in (software) engineering. There are only trade-offs. For a windows based pendant, there are 2 main decisions groups to make. (1) The UI Framework you will be using and (2) the programming language editor features (assuming your robot will have possibility to write an "application program").