How to disable CimView screen control box?


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I am using Cimpicity Server Version 5.0 with four Viewers. Out of the four viewers, two viewers running on workstation equipped with dual monitors with resolution of (2 X 1024)x768
Cimplicity supports maximum resolution of 1600x1200. Hence when we select "size to Main Window", 2048-1600 pixels are shown as blank on
I tried to use the system such that I make screens with resolution of 1024x768 and open two instances of CimView to show two different
screens. But by doing this, I cannot restrict users from pressing the "Close" button on the Window menu bar.
It is mandatory to stop users from closing the screens.
Can anyone help me out on this?
Try the /noexit command line argument. See online document for more details:

Will not let the user exit the primary CimView window.

The Exit menu item is removed from the File menu, and the Close menu item and its Alt+F4 shortcut key are removed from the Control menu. Close Screen actions are ignored in the primary window. This option is only applied if it is used
with the first CimView window opened. This window is known as the primary window. If used with subsequent open commands, it will be ignored.

cimview.exe /noexit C:\myproj\scr.cim
Hi !

You can also deactivate/reactivate the hotkeys (Ctrl + Esc etc...) by manipulating the registry.
The path is: HKEY_CURRENTUSER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT \CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

A batfile can then enable/disable the hotkeys.

(export for example the key when its enabled/disabled and run regedit /s "keyname" in the bat file).

Good luck !

/Mathias L