How to Download Program to Empty UCSA


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ahmad moussa

I need support regarding UCSA. I found it empty without any program.

I don't know how to configure UCSA by using toolboxST or proper way to download software on empty UCSA.

Can we get some more information about the problem? Is your system Simplex, Dual or TMR? Was your machine running and you found fault on the UCSA controller and want to replace it? Do you have the empty CompactFlash with the spare controller? Have you tried to install the CompactFlash of old controller in new one?

The application code is stored in CompactFlash. If you are using new controller with new CompactFlash then you need to set the IP address first. There are two methods for setting the IP address.

1. You can place the CompactFlash in a card reader and then attach that card reader with Workstation having ToolboxST. You can read GEH-6703 for detailed information.
2. You need a serial adapter to configure the IP address. You will need more hardware to perform configuration using this method. First method is simple and does not require any specific hardware.
Once you are done with this step you should reinstall the CompactFlash in the controller and check status from ToolboxST. If controller does not go online and is not in controlling state then you can download the controller using download wizard.

Hope this will help.