How to establish connection through modem


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I have a device with serial port and SW written in C. I want the device to call a phone number by modem in certain cases.
To anybody have some example code how to do? Any special to be aware of?

Thanks a lot?

Curt Wuollet

That usually doesn't require much more that sending "ATDT 5551212" to a voice equipped modem. Said modem is the cheapest way to achieve
dialing. Dedicated dialers exist but are an order of magnitude more espensive than a commodity modem. What you do then depends on what you want to do after you dial. Using a modem also makes replacement easy if the phone line takes a lightning hit.



Andrew Mueller

There are many modem devices (Motorola and others) which have activex controls available to aid in the process. There are many paging systems with this possibility as well. If you are doing it from scratch, you can use the Microsoft ActiveX control - MSComm32.ocx. It is fairly straightforward and as the last responder mentioned, modem calls are quite simple by sending the appropriate string command to them for dialing.

Andrew Mueller