How to evaluate a good HMI development ?


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Claudio Pires

Hi, all! most of the times, we're always running against the clock, but nowadays I've been quite curious about some facts concerning HMI
developments and decided to share some questions in this forum and hear opinions from you!

What should be the main items observing good HMI development practices ?

I have a total disordered mixture of words, such as: color pallet, object library, alingment, navigation, disk space, scan rate, scan offset, data colect, fonts, bitmaps, symbol patterns, advanced tools, pixel resolution, security, documentation, descriptions, ...

And other questions: who cares? who notices? who innovates? who accepts changes? "visual memory" or "stolen idea"? how to make the difference?

Hope you enjoy the triggered discussion...

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Anthony Kerstens

Communications with broad range of PLC's and other devices.
Ability to import and export windows, tags lists, scripts, etc (for standards).
Recipe handling.
ActiveX container ability.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Kirk S. Hegwood

You are right. My wife worked for AT&T as a systems engineer developing GUI (graphical user interface or HMI to control people). She laughed at my work...she is my wife. But, she is correct. She has helped me since and often works by a book, "Human Performance Engineering" by Robert W. Bailey. Its lists numerous studies for color pallet, navigation, symbology, etc. and the proper development of such. It does make a difference, perceptual as well as functional.

Kirk S. Hegwood
Hegwood Electric Service, Inc.