How to evaluate DCS system of various makes


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H. Shah

Dear all,

Can anyone help me for the evaluation of the DCS system of various makes?
Dear Sir,

If you can give tight purchase order , and mention clearly what ou, i suggest you to ABB BAiley, INFI 90 , with Conductor NT ver 4.0 and two primary sevrers.
Further to you can go advanced versions like Operate It and SQl servers

Web site address is "":


Dear Ricardo Luz, and All

Thanks for the information.
What I am looking for is How to do the technical comparisons of various DCS systems supplied by various DCS manufacturers?

What are the parameters one should consider to do the DCS comparisons/Evaluation.

Thanks in advance.

This has been hashed over many times in the past.

You are putting the cart before the horse (that is, doing things backwards). You evaluate systems based on your needs, not on what they have to offer. Think of buying a TV or stereo. You have a set of requirements and then see which systems match those requirements at a price you are willing to pay. If you tried to evaluate them ALL based on technical merit, not only will you waste an incredible amount of time, you might still end up with a system that doesn't meet your individual requirements.

Also keep in mind local support and service.

Paul Gruhn, P.E., C.F.S.E.
Siemens, Houston, TX