How to extend Device Net with SLC 5.03 and DeviceNet Scaner?

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Slawomir Telman - ALTECH

We have one devicenet network that we want to extend. We have an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 proccessor and DeviceNet Scanner node zero and 9 other nodes. We would like to add another scanner (10) with a new rack - proccesor and another 20 nodes.

How is it possible to configure all network i mean that the old one will see the new one (nodes 0 to 10). And the new SDN needs to see only new nodes from 11 to 30.


Steve Myres, PE

I'm not sure why you want to combine the networks since they are discrete logically, unless they overlap topographically, but it's certainly not a problem to do so. When you configure a DeviceNet network using NetWorx or similar tool, you must add the remote nodes to the scanlist of the scanner they will be controlled by. That's all you have to do to associate specific slave nodes with specific scanners.
I run many devicenet net works in my plant and all of my networks support up 62 nodes have you used up all your nodes . Anyways you can call tech support and ask to talk to ken roach he is the devicenet expert...