How to find the IP address of ETZ 510 module


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I am working with an ETZ 510 module. I haven't changed the default Username and password (USER/ USER), so someone has used my ETZ module and changed the IP address. Now because I don't know the IP address, I cannot open the embedded website and cannot use factoryCast configurator to restore the ETZ 510 module to its default settings. Can anyone help me solve my problem? Thanks in advance... I wonder if we can somehow turn the IP address of ETZ 510 back to its default address (factory IP address).
dear fellow engineer,

i have the same question with PP. i wonder how we could ping the tsx etz 510 plc ethernet module without knowing the ip address.
If you want to ping all the available addresses to see what's there, you use nmap. If you don't want to ping everyone on the entire planet however, then you need to at least specify a range of addresses. For example:

nmap -sP