How to get data from ABB ProControl on VAX


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Tom McAuliffe

Need to access data from an ABB ProControl Plant Managment Software database which is running on a VAX (I think its running VMS). I want to be able to move the data over to an NT system. I located an unsupported ABB ODBC driver vintage 1995 but not sure how good it is. Any suggestions?

Weiping Ying

If you are going to request PMS data once in a while, the ABB's ODBC driver works. But the performance is not good, if you have a lot of data to be transferred. That's because ODBC is not designed for real-time applications.

If you are talking about transfer PMS real-time data periodically, you have to find another way. For example, you can write a DDE server for PMS database in VMS and transferring data from PMS to NT application using NetDDE. That's the way we did for one of our project.