How to implement Modbus protocol on hardware side?


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Can anybody help me to implement Modbus protocol in New Project? I am using 16f877 and Max232 IC. plz tell me the h/w requirement to implement it. my project is pH meter. It measures the ph Value. Currently i am using Ascii protocol to send pH Value to PC. But now i need to calibrate the pH Value (for which modbus is best i think).

Raymundo D. Balderas

If you have implemented your serial hardware, you just need to program de ModBus Protocol (I think). For information about this protocol see the web site

Hope this helps.

Modbus serial is hardware-wise equivalent (identical) to any other serial, asynchronous protocol. After the microprocessor, you need a UART (if not part of the microprocessor/microcontroller) and an RS232 interface - like MAX232.

As simple as that.