How to implement Security in Cimplicity?


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jignesh Aghera

How can i implement the login dialog box to enter the user name and password on start-up of application at cimplicity server as well as cimplicty viewer, Whenever application starts.
how Can i change the user while running the application?

How can i give the security to the individual user for particular screens, command button and other soft instrument? so, that user can have only defined screen, command button and soft instrument access only.

With Cimplicity when you are opening an initial screen, if it does not have an active point on it you will probably not be prompted for a
user login. However you can invoke the Cimlogin$ function on the screen itself and that should prompt you for a login. Alternately when you
no longer want someone logged in or want to log the user out you can use the CimLogout$ function. This is all located in the help from the workbench. You can also base security on your screens by reading and implementing a visibility animation (usually via frames) by reading the $PROJECT.USER point.
We have address the security issue regarding Cimplicty. In the end, what ever ID/password method, how ever complex, everything crumbles down because the process becomes non-productive and you are bound to have a security leek in the end!

We have gone in another direction. Eliminate the Password!

Using biometric, we have made it possible to validate identification on every task and activities.

In the end, K.I.S.S.

Marc Potvin