how to interface a garmin gps to pc

Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators have been experimenting with an automatic position reporting system called APRS.

GPS (Garmin etc.) receivers are connected to a PC, and then the PC is connected to a VHF radio transceiver. Software on the PC interogates the GPS, parses the data, and then assembles it into packets containing positional information for broadcast over the transceiver.

There are a number of web sites devoted to APRS. Software is typically freeware, although some commercial software (low cost) does exist. There is also an abundance of hardware available depending on your application.

If you follow some of the links, you should find other APRS sites with source code.

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If you look at MSDN website, and do a search for embedded PC interface with GPS you will find some source code of how-to interface your receiver. If you need more help email me, I have source code and have developed software for interfacing any type of GPS receiver in VB.

VB 6 has a handy function called split which uses the default delimter as a "," and when you receive NMEA from the GPS is just a matter of knowing the fields in certain msg's such as field 1 on GGA might be latitude. By using the split
function you dont have to complicated and confusing old fashion parsing methods. So once you receive the raw data from the buffer memory of the GPS, just perform a sentance parsing operation, to seperate GGA from GSV and RMC and
so on. Then pass these parsed sentences to sub-procedures which split the sentences (GGA) to desired field data ie latitude, longitude, time and so on.

Once you do that, you can manipulate the data, and do whatever you want with it. Send it to DB via ADO or just view in real-time. Applications are endless.

Hope I havent confused you.


Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

I have some Siemens SCL source code I developed to
do this via a serial interface in a PLC, if it is of interest email me direct.
Mailto:[email protected].

Donald Pittendrigh
hi Daryl

We are a group of students who are currently working on a project which involves communicating a GARMIN VENTURE GPS to the PC. We have been
on this project for months & still require much help involving writing a program in VB 6 to complete our task. Right now we are stumped
about getting the GARMIN VENTURE to communicate with the PC...we've got the communications going but the output cant be understood..

We would appreciate your help greatly if u could give us the VB 6 source codes which would enable us to the read the data(waypoints,tracks,route,position) from the GPS on the PC. Your help would facilitate our project greatly! u can send it to : [email protected]

thank you!