how to interface Eurotherm PLC with WinCC


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hi all,

am trying to interface a Eurotherm PLC T103 with Siemens WinCC SCADA, The engineering software for T103 is Project Studio T560.

Can anyone please guide me how to integrate the SCADA with the same. For the same, I have tried using the inbuilt OPC Server called LINOpc but I receive Registration errors for the Interface as well as the proxy dll. Also currently the default license of 20 blocks (64 tags) is available.

Request your help/comments on the same. Also if anyone could provide the manuals for the Eurotherm software as the same are not der in the website. Any help with be appreciated.

If you require further details u can contact me at bhavinbudhdev at

Thanking you


Mark Massa, PE

To interface a T103,
You can configure the serial port for Modbus RTU slave and use the LIN blocks to map data to MB addresses.

It would be easier and more efficient to use LIN OPC, as I assume you are on an ALIN network.

Depending on the version of LIN OPC you may have problems with WinCC browsing the block database, so when you bring up the OPc universal tag browser you can paste the OPC string to the tag into the dialog box.

If you need to access more than the 20 blocks then in Project Studio, you can group variables from multiple blocks into a tag block and link to that via LIN OPC.

Good Luck