How to Maintain Starting Diesel Engine for Frame 5 GE gas turbine

In my plant Cummins Diesel engine model KT1150/KTA1150 is used as strating mechanism for Frame 5 gas turbine MS5001 model.After starting the diesel engine remains in auto mode and no weekly/monthly maintenance is done neither trial run is taken.Generally we face starting issue everytime due to this poor maintenance.Is there any maintenance planning for such engines.
No specific maintenance is required for diesel engine lying idle for short term ( 1/2 month).
DE problem we experience in our plant is
1. fuel leak
2. high LO temp for long time purging.
3. exhaust pipe becomes hot
Before every start, check at least following without fail
1. water tank is filled up
2. DE LO level and LO color is ok.
3. Dont allow LO temp >95degC during crank/purge.

also can you share what type of problem you face for diesel engine ?
glenmorangie’s answer is spot on. A local, qualified diesel service facility can give you recommendations, quotes and provide service. The normal reciprocating, Diesel engine maintenance is always necessary—regular oil and oil filter changes (based on hours of operation); air filter changes (based on hours of operation and site conditions (dust; fumes from nearby roads or process plants; rain; fog; etc.); injector maintenance; regular fuel filter changes; compression testing; etc. Most gas turbine diesel starters are abused and neglected, and subjected to repeated starts when the unit is not being operated properly or there are issues with fuel or electrical supply for auxiliaries.

But, your first reference should ALWAYS BE the Operation & Maintenance Manuals provided by the packager of the turbine and auxiliaries. Then, bring in a qualified local service provider to help assess the current condition of your diesel and make recommendations.

There are also several different types of Diesel engine cooling used on GE-design Frame 5 heavy duty gas turbines, and that is often also neglected and can be a source of unreliable diesel operation. Proper coolant level and cooling medium (water; glycol; etc.) and regular maintenance including flushing is also recommended for reliable Diesel engine operation.

Hope this helps! A reliable gas turbine “starts” with a reliable starting means!!! Every time!!! And most starting means are horribly abused and neglected. Regular, simple maintenance is required.

Hope this helps!!!