How to make remote access by the phone


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In This project the remote access by telephone. The computer is used to control the interface between user and system. The controller can be
accessed close or open an appliances and Check an alarm status. The alarm system can be composes of Heat Detectors Smoke Detectors and Door Magnatic Switchs..etc. When the alarm system is activated, the controller will dial telephone to the programmed number to inform alarms.
My need is:
1) How to interface with the telephone line : be aware that the control singnal will come from the microcontroller to the dialing system on
the phone so as to be dialed.
2) any idea to improve this sytem or schematic design or any web resources will appreciated...

Some PLCs offer this functionnality with specific module. Take a look to these pages I think it will answer to your questions concerning dial in & out.

Modicon -> TSX Micro -> Technical doc -> ETZ 410 & ETZ 510 User Manual.

Now if your controler is already decided a solution could be to use Remote access server which accept dial in and dial out functionnalities

One that I know :
Problem in this case is that you must have a local Ethernet network.

Hope it helps
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