How to measure resistance with Omron s8vk-g12024?


I'm a fresh engineer. I need to measure products resistance automatically, and there is Omron s8vk-g12024 PLC on the production line. I already design multimeter holder, cable claps etc. But i want to measure it with PLC.

Thank you
You'll really have to tell us what you are trying to achieve .......

The Omron s8vk-g12024 is a 24vDC power supply. If your products are purely resistive then one supposes you could put 24vDC across and measure the current, then apply ohm's law to determine resistance at 24v. This assumes your products can stand 24v without damage.

You need to work out how physically you can automate the above process. If you get that far, then you need to work out what you would do with the computed results.

We'd call it Process Engineering.