How to program CP5611?


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I am using a PC to display data from S7 PLC. The PC has a CP5611 card and is connected with the s7 plc cpu using MPI bus. Where can i get the SDK of

Hakan Ozevin

There is a development kit for CP5613, but I am not sure if there is one for CP5611. Search at:

Stefaan Van Eenoo

AFAIK Siemens only gives you 'drivers' for those cards, they're not that open with their technology as others....

So, how do you want to collect data ? With an OPC-Like server or direct with your application(s)?

To use the OPC-Server you'll have to buy the SIMATIC-net OPC-Server.

The other solution is using a package called 'Prodave' which allows you to direct communicate with your PLC. It's the oldest one, but fast, stable, cheap.

The Choice between the two depends on your background & future plans IMHO

Shoot if you need further information

Stefaan Van Eenoo
Belgium, Europe

Ronald Nijssen

There are at least four ways I can think of:
1. With SIMATIC NET there comes a library named "SAPI" Simple Application Programmers Interface, this is a method which may be interesting if you are a versed C programmer
2. SIMATIC NET offers an S7-OPC Server for communication, you can create an OPC client to run against this server
3. SIMATIC Computing offers both an OPC Server and an ActiveX control that allow instantenuous communication, from VB the ActiveX can be used very easily
4. An older product named "Prodave" allows data acquisition from ANSI C type applications, this tool will also work in modern C languages and is pretty simple

I would prefer SIMATIC Computing, contact your local Siemens rep. for pricing and availability

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Ronald Nijssen


Please let me know the step by step action required to transfer the program into New CPU from my PCS7 version 4.02 station.

Thank you.


My present PC/station using CP5611 version 4. The purchased & received CP 5611 is version 5. After remove the version 4 & install the version 5 CP 5611, I found my PC cannot communicate or cannot function.

I would like to ask for the way to solve it.

Thank you.