how to select the SCADA for my pilot plant?


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A simple SCADA system mainly provides the data acquisition function for my MF/UF/RO pilot plant with a load of 100 L- 2 m3/h. A necessary error alarm function and auto-control will be prefer.

The MF/UF/RO pilot plant process is: raw water -- strainer -- MF/UF -- RO -- product water. The whole plant also include auto-backwash and CIP (clean-in-place) utility.

The online sensors include: temperature, turbidity, flow rate, pressure, conductivity, particle counting (optional), pH, ORP, Total Cl2.

SCADA system requirement:(1) data acquisition function for above signals; (2) communication with PLC and necessary auto-control and error
Hello Author,

With regard to your question for the selection of SCADA system please note the following points based on this we can select a SCADA system.

1) Data Aquisition - No problem we can a system to do this.
2) Communicaion with PLC - This depends on the type and make of the PLC also the communication protocol availabity on these PLC in order to
talk/communicate The SCADA system with the PLC.

I need some more information's from you so that I can suggest a SCADA system architecture to you. I f require I can engineered, inetgrate and supply the SCADA system to you.

1) Is it any remote communication required?
2) All your present field sensor are connected to a local monitoring / indiacticating units. Please provide what type of Indiactors (Manufacturer name, Model no. and outputs availabilty).
3) SCADA system speed if any.
4) Do you need any Radio communication for the SCADA system in order to monitor the values remotely?
5) If possible give your present architecture arrangement so that to suggest a suitable SCADA system.
6) Hope you need a HMI (Computer based Operator station) to view the SCADA system operation.
7) Your budget to have the SCADA system.

Kindly clarify the above queries. Once I received your reply I will sugesst a suitable SCADA system for your application.


Hi, Autor!
I am a I&C department manager in chemical factory in Bulgaria. For my new pilot plant for organic syntesis of pesticides i use decentralised modules WAGO with Profibus DP conected with Virgo HMI software ( Altersys ), instaled on IPC Festo.
The result was very good.
Hi Chengang

I have always found that one of the most important considerations to incorporating a pilot plant DCS system is flexibility. A great system that I have used with much success is a Sattline based system from ABB. This system can be set-up using either centralized or distributed
I/O. Once I/O config is layed out, the configuration of the control logic and HMI is done through the Sattline interface. The benefit of his is that a single skill set (Sattline programming language) is all that is required to configure both the logic and operator interface. The system also provides full simulation of logic prior to downloading. This is invaluable in a pilot plant where sometimes the logic can be out of the ordinary. Hope this helps.