How to send data over serial port RS232 using vb6


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There are a total of 30 command buttons. The buttons are arranged in 5x6 matrix. Normally the value of all the row values will be 10000000 (first 10 is default). If I click bit0 (LSB) button in the first row the output will be 10000001 for first row and 10000000 for remaining 4 rows. If I release the mouse click again the output will be 10000000 for all the rows. When I click or release the mouse I need to send 5 input to RS232 using vb6

For example If I press 3rd button in the first row then I need to send 0x84,0x80, 0x80, 0x80, 0x80 (i.e. 10000100, 10000000, 10000000, 10000000, 10000000)

Can anybody help me in coding? It's very urgent. My email id is vijayakamala @ rediffmail. com

Thanks in advance.