How to store live data to a PC from Modbus master computer

Hello everyone!

I work at an electrical power plant. I am new to the Modbus communication system. For job purposes, I need to find a way to store live data/ raw data from a Modbus master computer to another separate computer so that I can do some analysis on those data. But I am not getting any way to make a communication between the master computer and another pc. how can I do this? Can anyone briefly tell me about this??

Question 2: Is there any way to store the raw data/live data to a general pc direct from RTU?
Question 3: Is it possible to establish Modbus communication between the two PC? If "yes" then how?

Thanks in advance
You can use ICC's free Modbus Master Tool to log Modbus RTU data to a CSV file on a computer. The Modbus Master Tool is available here:

There are also tutorial videos available here:

Once the data exists as a file on the computer, you can access the file however you want (i.e. share it to the network, upload it to a server/internet, access it from other computers, etc.).

The above answers your Question 2. For Question 3, yes it is possible to establish Modbus communication between two PC's. One PC would need to run Modbus Master software (for example, ModScan) and the other PC would need to run Modbus Slave software (for example, ModSim). There are many other Modbus master/slave software tools available, but ModScan and ModSim are available here: