How to synchronise two stepper motors?


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Hi everybody

Am new in this section of Motion Control. Am in my 3rd year of engineering and has taken up a project to make the control unit for a robotic arm using stepper motors.

The problem am facing right now is to how to synchronise two motors. We have been able to activate single motor by generating sequence from LPT using C++ programming. our next step is to synchronise two motors. So that means we have to give this single input to two motors and generate sequence accordingly. But we have failed to do so. we tried doing it through Demux, buffers and by AND and NOT gates also. Could anyone plz tell me how to go abt synchronising two motors. What procedure shall we follow? Plz help its urgent.
Since u are using a parallel port u have 8 biits to play with.So drive on stepper motor using upper nible and use the lower nible to drive the other stepper motor.It will be a synchronized motion.

There is other set of 4 bits which can be used to control third stepper motor.

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