How to upgrade HMI of Bailey Infi90 DCS


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Nguyen Hoang

Our Bailey Infi90 DCS consist of 05 OIC42 consoles (Client) and 02 OIS43 (Servers). Both OIS43 consoles were loaded with Conductor VMS 3.0.1. The system also consist one EWS with software SCAD version 5.4.2 and SLDG version 5.6.5. Due to the computer system [being] too old and no spare supplied, we want to keep the controller (PCU) but upgrade HMI system incl. servers, clients and EWS with latest software.

Please advise me how to do.
I heard something about Symphony Plus. Is it right? Could someone advise or send me some document or manual.

Thanks a lot!
Our plant is Power generation
Your best option by far would be the Power Generation Portal (PGP) HMI, which I understand is now an integral part of the newly announced Symphony Plus program, you mentioned.

The biggest advantage of this console is that you can retain your SODG displays that you have installed in your OIS 40 series consoles.
The only other upgrade you would require for the conversion is your SCAD and SLDG which is ANCIENT!

There has been releases of MS Windows versions of EWS (Wintools) since the mid 1990's and the current EWS is now known as 'Composer'. I think the current version (and the one now on the market) is Composer v5.0.

You will need Composer to convert your SCAD and SLDG project database and displays ready to install onto the PGP servers.

Any other HMI (including those marketed by ABB) would require long and tedious work of creating entirely new displays.
The Power Generation Portal (PGP) will simply accept your current SODG displays (created with SLDG) after running the 'convert project' feature in Composer (latest EWS).

You would also need to purchase new INICIx3 (Infinet to Computer Interface) units to connect the PGP Scanner servers to your existing Infi90 DCS, one INICIx3 per scanner server is required and would need a minimum of 2 scanners, but typically 3 are used. ('x' is hardware rev which I am not sure of current rev. i.e 0 or 1 or 2)...

Your best option now would be to contact your nearest ABB representative and request a site visit and a quotation...

I am using PGP v 3.2 (old sw rev) on top of a similar Infi90 system to yours, in a coal fired power station. That PGP replaced 5 OIS43 (server)consoles with CVMS v 7.0, as well as several OIC43 (clients). The PGP servers run on MS Windows 2003 Server but can run on Win2000 or Win2008 server and each PGP APPlication server can hosst up to 12 (WinXP or maybe by now even Windows 7) PGP clients.

We upgraded this system to PGP in 2006 and it has performed very well ever since.

The PGP is also a breeze to configure and modify anything, compared to the old OIS consoles!

Nguyen Hoang

Thanks a lot!

However, I have a trouble with my backup program (CAD files) on EWS, it is not match the runtime program. As I done comparison between EWS and runtime program, there are 10 differences.

Now I only can upload the program from MFPs to get CFG file. Is possible to use Composer to convert project from CFG file? and my SODG display can be recovered?
> Thanks a lot!

> However, I have a trouble with my backup program (CAD files) on EWS, it is not match the runtime program. As I done
> comparison between EWS and runtime program, there are 10 differences.

If you have any RMSC function codes, which are used to accept a real number input from an operator via the HMI, and if the value at any point in time is different than the default startup value, this will show up as a difference. If you have 10 RMSC's, and those are your differences, you are effectively as verified as you will ever be. The point here is that in this case, a difference is normal and not a problem. During the download process you need to discuss these differences with the operator, and, if required, you can change the default to the current value to eliminate those differences. But they will be different the next time, most likely.

The difference report should show every difference with all the detail you need to resolve the issue. That said, I have not used SCAD since 1998 and those brain cells are gone. Anthony is exactly correct, you should really upgrade your engineering software. The current version, Composer 6.0, will run on 64 bit OS (desktop or server). There are third parties that will do this conversion for you, or you can go to ABB. You might find that ABB field service would be lower cost than engineering, since there is less overhead (one guy vs. a team with project management). It is the nature of the beast.

> Now I only can upload the program from MFPs to get CFG file. Is possible to use
> Composer to convert project from CFG file?

SCAD, Wintools, and Composer are designed to compile drawings to create a CFG file. It sounds to me like you need some basic training if you only know how to upload from an MFP to get a CFG. This statement is meant to point you in the right direction, not degrade you. If you are dealing with supervision/management that expects you to be the caretaker of this system, with no training, perhaps this discussion with help.

> and my SODG display can be recovered?

We have up to this point been talking about making sure that the cadfile drawings will "verify" against the configuration running in controllers. That has absolutely nothing to do with SODG displays or the data on those displays unless someone has made recent changes. Perhaps you can describe a bit more what is wrong or missing on the SODG display.

Good luck, John

Nguyen Hoang

Hello John and Anthony,

Thank you very much for your instructions. I will do some study on the system. If there is some difficult, I hope to receive your help!

Nguyen Hoang

Hi John,

Could you introduce me someone is familiar with Composer and have knowledge about Bailey Infi90 DCS to cooperate with me to handle this project?

My email address is [email protected]

Nguyen Hoang
The best people for the work would be the ABB people. Try to look for the contact person for ABB DCS people for your country from ABB website.
I did upgrade my Infi90 Symphony OIS/OIC42 to PGP and Wintools to Composer. All running far much better than before ;)

Nguyen Hoang

Hi Sd,

I am looking for an independent engineer or a System integrator. I do not want to work with local ABB.
Any reason for not working with ABB?

For such an extensive work and nature of work, I would still recommend that you work with your local ABB. I'm unsure whether any system integrator could supply with PGP and Composer for end users.

Moreover the software license/ dongle for PGP would still need to come from ABB Switz, I think it would be a cheaper option as well ;)

PGP is now called, if I recall correctly, S+ operations.

The current CIU is the Ethernet based SPICI800