how to use activeX controls in wincc

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rainer klaffenboeck

how do i use non wincc activeX controls (winsock for example) in wincc? i manage dragging one into a graphics, but what then? how do i access it? what if i don't have a form to drag it into? can i use the winsock.dll, for example, by just including some .h? or do i need opc or odk or something like this?

sorry if that's off-topic or too basic.
thanks in advance

Daniel Chartier

Hello, collegue;
No, not too basic at all.. Using ActiveX (.OCX) in WinCC requires that they be registered, or else WinCC can't access them. Try the following Entry ID: 9927882 from the Siemens Customer support web page ( "": , Service and Support, Customer support, and type the entry ID number in the search box. You can also do a search under "ActiveX and WinCC", it has a good few links. If nothing else works, try the Siemens Hotline (in the US, 1-800-333-7421, selection 3 for WinCC support).
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
You can access the properties of ActiveX controls via a C script (Graphics..Get/Set..Property). You then access the screen...graphic

To call a dll in WinCC Script....

#pragma code("YourDLLName.dll")

hope this helps..

Roger Hill
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Tim Epperson

You can also call the methods of the ActiveX that are not windows callback functions (events) but the code is not very intuitive.

I have an couple of examples of doing that if you need it plus a really good resource at Siemens.

Tim Epperson
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