How to write a specification that indicates how to test a Load bank ?

Hi All,
I am from India and have a problem in writing the testing part of a specification of a Load bank, which is to be manufactured and tested before delivery to our Shipyard. This Load bank is to be used for testing Ship's Generators of 1 MW, 2 MW , 3 MW capacities. The Load bank is supposed to be used to test a 1 or 2 or 3 MW generator at 0.8 PF, and a crash load of 50% at 0.4 PF with records of voltage dips and settling times being recorded all the while at the switchboard. The Load bank is also supposed to work for a steady state trail of the Generators being tested.
Now the potential vendor in UK or India, do not have a way to test the Load bank in the factory in toto, for whatever they designed and manufactured as a whole as a system as such a source of generation is not available with them. They intend to test it section wise.
Not only is the entire bank to withstand the total load of a generator when the Generator produces its full output, but also be successful in managing its thermal dissipation in addition to getting a test on its software controls.
Now my question is - how do I write this test part of the specification to ensure that I am not at my wits end when the item is delivered to Shipyard and it fails to absorb the entire load of the generator when needed as well as meet other transient load requirements. Can anyone give me some ideas.?
Purely pinning it down on financial payment terms may not be prudent. As an Engineer I intend to be able to pin it down on the test part of the requirements specification.
Request give me some ideas.
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Is it a Water-Cooled or Air Cooled-air Load-Bank?
Regards, Phil Corso
Air cooled. I left the Thermodynamics to the vendor to decide. Water cooled will be messy here.
( By the way how are you doing ?. Nice to see you again. Hope you do remember me some 2 years back when we spoke on a problem of Cable volt drops. I will email from my personal email later )