HRSG Start-up Procedure


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Hi All,

I'm going to prepare my first start-up procedure for a HRSG which has two boilers and each has HP & LP sections.

If there is anybody who is familiar to procedure preparations, can you please tell me what kind of information does this procedure has to cover?
Also I have some specıfic questions about the procedure. I'll be very glad If somebody have time to respond,

-Do I have to include, how to fill preheaters, economizers, evaporators. (open valve 500, open valve 501, open valve 502, close valve 508 etc.)

-Do I have to include how to fill the pumps ( open all drains and vents, close all drains, close all vents etc.)

-Do I have to include prechecks from DCS ( check if there is any runback or trip on CTG, check if all start permissives are ok on HRSG etc.)

I don't know if this is a valuable information or not; "This is a CMI boiler" :)

Regards in Advance.