HRSG startup process discussion

I would like you sent me a file or a link or anythig usefull to learn about HRSG of three pressure staring process and operation.

I've been working in a combined cycle since construction to operation and I'm a Lead Operator. Here the kind of boiler we have are OTSG. I'm willing to share with you all my knowledge and experience.
Thanks @ControlsGuy25, I'll study it in details. But, in the first view it is not enough for my needs. I'll be thanks for any other contribution
Good day all,

Enrique cuba
Since you mentionned on the title of this thread " three pressure staring process ...." also looks like a "t" is missed for "starting" so I sent you this document for better first comprehension on the basic operation procedure

In Power plant using HRSG we talk about " Three elements controls" like following

  • Boiler Level,
  • Feed water flow .
  • Steam Flow to control boiler Drum Level.

As you mentioned, that you have OTSG Installed at your site , design and operation may be slightly different to classical HRSG equipped with drums .

Maybe you can precise what you mean by "three pressure starting " as i know that there LP/IP/HP designed for thosee three pressure levels.

I worked back in the days as "Power plant Overall controls concept engineer" for one of the majors OEMs in thermal power plants after i started my career in the field as " Commissioning engineer/Manager and then Lead Controls Technical advisor".

We can, as you said share and discuss on this fantasctic forum more informations that can be used in future !