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Marcio Francisco Dill Junges

Hello Everybody,

Our company is looking for an on-line moisture analyzer for use in a Belt (iron mining industry).

Could someone help us?


Marcio Junges

CESInstAnalyser HZ

Dear Marcio,
Please specify the application where exactly you want to measure the moisture, also the range of measurement i.e. in few ppm, % or in terms of dew point.

Manoj Topiwala,
Reliance Industries Ltd, India.

Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo

Hi Marcio:

MSC or Moisture Systems Corporation, manufactures such an equipment.

Called SPECTRA-QUAD family of process measurement systems.

For on-line moisture and constituent monitoring.

This unit integrates the measurement sensor and processor control unit into a stand-alone 'Smart Sensor' package.

They can be communicated via Ethernet.

I guess for your application the SPECTRA-QUAD 4000 will do it.

Anyway, you can check it by yourself at:

Hope it helps.

Jimmy Saldivias
Phone: 591-4-523438
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